Machflow Handryer
M09ACS Machflow Handryer in Satin Stainless

- 330 x 213 x 170mm
- Maximum Air Velocity: 325 KM/H
- Disconnects automatically after 60 seconds of use.
- No heating element
- Ideal for High Traffic area
- Electronic infrared detection sensor.
- Drying time: 8-12 Seconds
Smartflow Handryer
M04A Smartflow Handryer in ABS White

- 258 x 138 x 145mm
- One pc cover ABS thermoplastic.
- Electronic infrared detection sensor
- Heating element incorporates a safety thermal cut-off.
- Ideal for low traffic area.
Soap Dispenser - ABS/Black Lid
DJ0020F Soap Dispenser Black Lid

- 204 x 107 x 108mm
- ABS thermoplastic lid & push button
- Corrosion resistant anti-drip drive.
- SAN thermoplastic tank
- Suitable for disinfectant solutions, liquid soaps or hydro-
alcoholic gel.
Grab Bar 997mm, 1200mm
BR0900CS Grab Bar in Satin Stainless, 997mm

BR1200CS Grab Bar in Stain Stainless, 1200mm
Vertical Swing Up Grab Bar
BG0800ACS Vertical Swing Up Bar in Satin Stainless

- 738 x 300 x 100mm
- Toilet roll holder hook.
- Safety system that blocks the bar in a vertical position to
prevent it dropping accidentally.
- Stainless steel nuts and bolts for masonry walls.
- The strength of the bar support will depend on the type of surface and the supports used.
Folding Seat
AM0201CS Folding Seat Satin Stainless

- 450 x 400mm
Metal Trash Bin 3L
PP1303CS Pedal Trash Bin 3L
Height - 390mm Diameter: 170mm
Circular body.
· Quiet, odour-preventing lid.
· Polypropylene interior receptacle with metal handle.
· Handle in upper part to facilitate transport of the receptacle.
· Black thermoplastic non-slip pedal.
· Black plastic non-slip base which keeps the bottom of the
receptacle moisture-free.
Industrial Toilet Paper Dispenser
PR2787CS Industrial Toilet Paper Dispenser

- Max roll 275mm
- Stylish design suitable for every washroom.
· One-piece body.
· One-piece lid, which can be swung down for replenishment.
· Backplate with multiple slots for easy installation.
· Removable shaft allows variety of paper refills. (2 positions)
· Slot at the front for viewing content level.
option for regular toilet rolls - KIT2789
Towel Rail
A10010C Towel Rail - Satin Stainless

- 535 x 66mm
Robe Hook
AI0010C Robe Hook in Bright Stainless Steel

- 40 x 34mm
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