Parliament Vessels Lavatory

The elegant and contemporary rectangular design of the Parliament Vessels Lavatory can suit the design needs of bathroom decor.

Overall Dimensions: 562 × 442 × 185 mm
Delta Vessels Lavatory
K-19897T-0, 1065000-CP


Crafted from durable fireclay, the tall side walls of Delta vessels lavatory is a perfect fit with the contemporary bathroom.

Overall Dimensions: 490 × 390 x 147 mm
Forefront Rect. Vessels Lavatory

Forefront Rectangular Vessels is a refined articulation of clean, minimalist geometry. A model of simplicity, the Forefront rectangular vessels lavatory provides a resonant design statement for the contemporary bathroom.

Overall Dimensions: 585 × 460 × 173 mm
Reve Vessels Lavatory

With a geometric, V-shaped basin and contemporary styling, the Rêve sink makes a striking focal point for your bathroom. Inspired by the look of freestanding washbasins, the Rêve Vessels sink sits above the countertop as a bold, dramatic presence.

Overall Dimensions: 550 × 375 × 180 mm
Chalice Vessels Lavatory


Chalice is a refined expression of clean, uncluttered geometry. A model of simplicity, the Chalice Round Vessel Lavatory articulates a perfect circle that makes for a resonant design statement in your contemporary bath.

Overall Dimensions: 420 x 420 x 203mm
Conical Bell Vessels Lavatory


The simple lines and curves of the Conical Bell vessels lavatory bring classic washbasin design into a new era of décor. This vitreous china lavatory is engaging in its simplicity, and your choice of installation options increases its versatility.

Overall dimensions: 413 x 413 x 162 mm
Botticelli Vessels Lavatory

Dramatic round basin.

No faucet holes; requires wall- or counter-mount faucet.
Smooth, hand-finished design
No faucet holes
Carrara marble.
Countertop or above-counter.

Diameter: 559mm
Height: 241mm
Escale Vessels Lavatory

Conceived from the form of a sail in the wind and Japanese ceramic tableware design, the Escale vessels lavatory takes you on a journey of style to create a clean new look for your bathroom. A timeless classic.

Overall Dimensions: 404 x 404 x 185 mm
Forefront Squares Vessels Lavatory


Forefront Square vessels lavatory is a refined articulation of clean, minimalist geometry. A model of simplicity, it embodies the allure of the minimalist ethos and provides a resonant design statement for your contemporary bath.

Overall Dimensions: 413 x 413 x 175mm
Forefront Undercounter Lavatory

Overall Dimension: 619 x 451 x 175 mm
Ladena Undercounter Lavatory


The Ladena lavatory is one of the most spacious undercounter KOHLER model, with the benefits of durable vitreous china construction. Available in a palette of KOHLER colors, this versatile design complements virtually any decor, and also features a smooth, glazed rim.

Overall Dimensions: 591 x 410 x 203 mm
Verticyl Rect. Undercounter Lavatory

Embrace a sophisticated look with Verticyl, featuring vertical sides for a deep, geometric basin. The undercounter installation allows this sink to seamlessly integrate into your bath or powder room design.

Overall Dimensions: 575 × 421 × 178 mm
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